What is Hues'n'Booze?

Hues’n’Booze is a mobile painting party! It is a combination of artistry and fun, and an awesome way to tap into your inner creative genius! 

What does Hues'n'Booze provide?

Everything for the class: plastic table covers, aprons, easels, canvases, paints, brushes, cups and palettes. And of course fun, easy to follow painting instructions. 

Does Hues'n'Booze provide drinks or food?

No :( Hues'n'Booze is a BYOB event. "B" stands for "Bring" or "Buy" :)

Hues'n'Booze has a right to ask for your ID. 

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

$30-35 per person, depending on the event, painting and traveling distance. Please contact Hues'n'Booze for details. You can pay with cash, check, Paypal or Square. 

Hues'n'Booze location discount! : $30

Your location: $35

Discounts available to large groups.


I purchased a ticket to your private event, but can not attend the party! :(

Your Hues'n'Booze ticket is transferable to another person (you must let Hues'n'Booze know who is attending instead of you) however it is not transferable to another party and it is non-refundable. So if you can't make it, invite a friend of yours to go instead! 

How far will Hues'n'Booze travel?

Within reason! :) Contact for details! 

Can Hues'n'Booze paint a custom painting for my party?

Absolutely! Decide what you would like to paint and contact Hues'n'Booze with your idea. Additional fee may apply.


How can I have a private Hues'n'Booze party?

Easy! Let's set a date for your painting party at a location of your choice, and Hues’n’Booze will deliver all art supplies and a fun, easy to follow 2 hour class! Let's work together on choosing a venue for your event.


Where can I have a Hues'n'Booze party?

Anywhere! Hues'n'Booze location (101 W 6th St), Your house, your friend's house, work, restaurant or at any special event you'd like to bring an artistic flare to! Contact Hues'n'Booze for some suggestions, too!

Is there a minimum amount of people required to have a private party?

Yes. 10 people minimum. If there are less than 10 people in your party, there is a flat rate of $300 /$350 for the event.

Do I need to put down a deposit for my party?

yes, Hues'n'Booze kindly asks for a $300 /$350 deposit to secure the date for your party and to ensure the minimum requirement is met. 

Deposit is fully refundable 2 weeks prior to the event (minus any transaction fees); Half of the deposit will be returned if you are canceling within 14 -3 days prior to the party window and it is non-refundable if canceling within 48 hours of the event.  If less than 8 people show up for the party, Hues'n'Booze will keep the appropriate amount of the deposit to ensure the minimum requirement is met. 

If you are unable to put down a deposit-don't despair! Hues'n'Booze can create an online registration page (free of charge) where your friends can sign up and pay online prior to the event. Same refund rules apply.


How can I pay for a private party?

- Pre-pay the whole event

- Put down a deposit ($300 /$350) and pay remainder on day of the party

- Registration page: guests pay individually made for your event on

SOS!!!  We need a painting PARTY TONIGHT, STAT!!! Can Hues'n'Booze come to the rescue?!?! (This is about parties being scheduled day of, or within 5 days of the desired date)

We'll do everything in our power to provide last minute entertainment! (Depending on availability, of course). "Emergency parties" are $40 per person and Hues'n'Booze will not be able to provide a custom painting done in such short notice. These parties need to be paid in full via PayPal prior to the event.

What kind of events does Hues'n'Booze host?

Hues'n'Booze hosts regular public events around town that are open for anyone to join, as well as private parties! Birthdays, team building events, anniversaries, bridal showers, fundraisers, or just because -any occasion is a good reason to paint! 


I'd like to host a fundraiser, can Hues'n'Booze help?!

Would absolutely LOVE to! Please contact Hues'n'Booze to discuss the details so we can customize the event specific to your needs!

What kind of paints does Hues'n'Booze use?

Acrylics. They are fast drying and easy to work with. 


What if I have never held a paint brush in my hand?

No problem! Hues'n'Booze will give a detailed step by step instruction and encouragement. You will do great! 

Say "cheeeeese!" 

Release Agreement for Use of Facebook and other online photo and video publishing: In registering for the Hues'n'Booze class, you hereby give your permission to Hues'n'Booze to use any photos or videos taken of you during the class. The photos and videos may be posted on the internet, huesnbooze.com, instagram, facebook, youtube and /or used in promotional print or video material. Your photos and videos will not be sold or used in conjunction with any inflammatory content! (And I always go through photos looking for the ones where you look your bestest :) ) 


What if I have more questions?

Hues'n'Booze will be happy to answer any questions you have. Email, call or text 520-965-3468, or Facebook us!